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Fire and Life Safety
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The buildings at Hamilton Lakes were designed to minimize the chance of a life-threatening emergency and reduce damage in the event that one occurs.  The Building's life safety systems consist of smoke and heat detectors, fire sprinklers, a smoke evacuation system, and an emergency communication system.  The building is monitored 24 hours a day by the Park Security personnel.

Safety Suggestions:

  • Any unusual odor should immediately be reported to the Office of the Building by calling 630-250-9700.
  • Know your life safety team members and where they are located within your space.
  • Keep stairway exits clear of any obstructions.
  • Do not overburden electrical outlets with more than one plug per receptacle.
  • Know the locations of the nearest fire extinguisher and stairwell exit.

Fire Drills:

150 Pierce Road tenants are expected to participate in an annual fire drill.  Fire drills are an integral part of the buildings' fire safety plans.  All employees should cooperate with the instructions of their Life Safety Team Captains.

The procedures listed below will provide the necessary information to aid tenants in making intelligent preparatory decisions and contingency plans for various emergency situations.

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