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Building Closures

During Business:
Should a situation arise during the business day that requires the building to close, Building Management will make an announcement over the speaker system informing all tenants and directing them to leave the building.

After Hours:
For after-hours updates on a current situation, or notification of after-hours events that cause the building to be closed the following day, Building Management will contact those tenant representatives named on the After Hours Emergency Contact List which is to be provided by all tenants in writing to Building Management and updated in writing as necessary.  These Tenant Representatives will be responsible for the roll out of information within their own company.

Depending on the nature of the closure, control of the building may fall under local authorities.  In this case everyone is required to follow their direction.  Once control has been handed back over to Building Management they will determine if and when tenants can be allowed back into the building based on the events at hand. If the situation warrants continued limited access to the building or a particular portion of the building thereof, only those tenants listed on the Emergency Authorized Access List will be granted access. In preparation for cases such as this, all Tenants must provide in writing, including updates, an Emergency Authorized Access List to Building Management.  Associates on this list will be required to show identification to Building Security and may be escorted for limited lengths of time to their suites for property retrieval.

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